Winnipeg man’s package allegedly stolen from Purolator location – Winnipeg

A Winnipeg man is voicing his frustrations after his package was allegedly stolen from a Purolator location.

Amit Bindra says he recently switched to a Rogers phone plan and ordered five new iPhones for his family. He received a call from Purolator saying they could be picked up at their location on Pembina Highway, since Bindra wasn’t home when the courier arrived.

Bindra says he went to the location the following day, when a staff member told him he had already picked up the package.

“She came up to me and was like, ‘You picked up the phones already’.  And I’m like, I am here, I didn’t pick up the phones,” Bindra told Global News. “And she looked at it and was like, ‘No, somebody picked it up at 1:46’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know who did’.”

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Bindra says he didn’t give out the tracking number of the package, and none of his family members came to pick up the package.

He was eventually put in touch with Purolator’s loss prevention department.

“He said, ‘I can see somebody getting the iPhones from our store’ because they pulled up the video footage and all that, and then it showed an hour later, I walk in to pick up the phones,” Bindra said.

“And I’m like, how did you give this person the phones without checking the valid ID?”

Bindra says a staff member told him someone picked up the parcel with an Ontario ID, which is even more puzzling to Bindra, who is a Winnipeg resident.

Bindra says he was initially told by Purolator to contact Rogers and file a police report.

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“Why do I need to call Rogers? It’s a mistake at your end; you need to fix it,” he said.

“Something happened, a breach or something, between Purolator and Rogers, where somebody knew that these phones were there and went to pick them up.”

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Bindra says after days of back and forth and hours spent on the phone, both Purolator and Rogers have confirmed they are investigating the incident.

“We are aware of the matter and currently working with authorities and affected parties on this incident,” a Purolator spokesperson said in an emailed statement to Global News late Friday afternoon.

“As we continue to innovate our shipper and recipient solutions, such as automated kiosks and parcel lockers, we anticipate these fraudulent activities will decrease over time.”

Bindra says he just wants to get his phones, and this headache to be over.

“It’s very frustrating,” he said. “And it’s no mistake of mine.”

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