Montreal police make arrests in connection with Rockland mall homicide – Montreal

Authorities say they have made two arrests in connection with the killing of the 44-year-old man that was shot dead outside of Rockland shopping mall on Aug. 23.

In a statement released Thursday, the Montreal Police Major Crimes unit said two suspects had been arrested — one 33-year-old in Vancouver and another 27-year-old in Ottawa.

Police believe the person who shot the gun was the man located in Vancouver, and the suspect who was found in Ottawa was driving the vehicle in which they fled the scene.

According to the release, both suspects are linked to organized crime. They are being sent back to Montreal where they will appear in court and charged with first degree murder.

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“Montrealers sense of security was affected when two shootings happened mid-day last August 23, within the span of a half hour. Today, thanks to the investigators and specialized teams we are happy to confirm the arrests relating to the first incident,” wrote interim police chief Sophie Roy.

“As for the homicide on Saint-Denis Street, the investigation is ongoing.”

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